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Diana Vytell

Diana Vytell performed her solo cabaret debut show, titled Patterns, out of town in December. She's planning to bring the show here to New York shortly thereafter. We'll keep you posted on Diana's Manhattan plans.

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Deanna Monaco & Joani O'Keefe

Joani O'Keefe & Deanna Monaco presented their new show You've Got a Friend in Me: Joani O'Keefe and Deanna Monaco Sing Songs of Friendship, Love and Hope at Danny's Skylight Room in December. The duo prepared the show with director Scott Barnes and shared the stage with music director Paul Greenwood.

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Marnie Klar

Marnie Klar presented her New York solo cabaret debut at Don't Tell Mama in December. Marnie prepared the show with director Richard Sabellico and was joined on stage by music director Eugene Gwozdz.

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Bill Saferstein

In the fall of 2005, Bill Saferstein presented his new show It's About Time at Danny's Skylight Room. Bill developed the show with director Norm Golden and music director Jerry Scott.

Welcome, Bill -- congratulations on your debut!

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Marcia Sander

Yes, ladies and gents: that's Marcia Sander pictured here! If you were on stage since that tender age, you'd probably name your debut show the way Marcia has: Born to Entertain!

Marcia worked the director Helen Baldassare, music director Wells Hanley and bassist Saadi Zain.

Congratulations on your debut, Marcia!

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Lynn DiMenna: Sweet & Swing

Lynn DiMenna's CD Sweet & Swing was released in May 2003. Lynn continues to work with music director Paul Greenwood and share the stage with the same group of all-star musicians who are heard with her on the CD.

In October, Lynn performed at The Town Hall as part of the 15th Annual Cabaret Convention.

For information about Lynn's upcoming performances, to find out where to buy a copy of her fine CD, or to read about her weekly radio show At The Ritz, visit

Alison Layton: Solo Debut

Congratulations to Alison Layton, who brought her solo debut to Don't Tell Mama in October. A veteran of the Cabaret Performance Workshop, the show continued Alison's long collaboration with music director Gregory Toroian and director Helen Baldassare. All their hard work and attention to detail payed off is this delightful show.

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Barbara Ann Davison: Extended Engagement at Mama Rose's

Barbara Ann Davison returned to Mama Rose's with three encore performances of her show It's Lovely Up Here! directed by Gerry Geddes. Music director Paul Greenwood accompanied her on stage.

“A gifted musical comedienne, capable of doing an about-face and delivering a heartfelt and quite extraordinary rendition of ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business.’” — Roy Sander

Click here to see Barbara's flyer.

Patty Zaffino

Patty Zaffino presented Don't Fence Me In at Don't Tell Mama in September 2004. The show marked her solo cabaret debut. Patty developed her show,with director Helen Baldassare, and music director Gregory Toroian joined her on stage.

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Kristi Castano

Kristi Castano opened in September at Don't Tell Mama. The show was titled Swingin' and featured music director Wells Hanley on piano, Eivind Opsvik on bass, Greg Castano on drums and was directed by Frank Fontana. Swingin' indeed!

Kristi's flyer is available here.

Jessie Nelson

Jessie Nelson returned to Don't Tell Mama in September with Kiss of Fire 2, once again joined on stage by music director Phil Hall.

Jessie presented her debut show (Kiss of Fire) In October of 2002 to a sold out house, and an additional performance was booked in November of that year. About the show, we wrote: "We consider ourselves fortunate to have been in attendance. This is a woman we want to see more of, and we'll be sure to give you the heads-up as soon as news of her next engagement is available." The same is still true -- we'll keep you posted.

Click here to see Jessie's flyer.

Charles Horman Truth Project

The Charles Horman Truth Project held a fundraising event in July to support their ongoing efforts to find justice. JOYCE HORMAN, Charles’ widow, provided an update on the Chilean investigation, and described the work of the Charles Horman Truth Project. Internationally respected human rights lawyer PETER WEISS discussed international implications of the landmark Horman case.

Click here to read more about the fundraiser and organization.

oslo elsewhere presents

Caught in a cycle of love, loss, and intense need, a young couple spiral out of a difficult relationship and into a nightmare . . .

oslo elsewhere, in association with the unbound theatre & Spring Theatreworks presented the U.S. premiere of NIGHT SINGS ITS SONGS, a play by Jon Fosse, translated from the Norwegian by Sarah Cameron Sunde.

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Renee Bergeron at Don't Tell Mama, May 2004

Renee Bergeron appeared at Don't Tell Mama in May in a new show called All Grown Up Now (well... almost).

Renee worked with director Helen Baldassare to prepare the show, and music director Gregory Toroian joined her on stage.

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Gerry Geddes

Gerry Geddes directed the 18th Annual MAC Awards 2004 Celebrating Excellence in Cabaret, Comedy and Jazz.

The show featured a special performance by our Lifetime Achievement Award honorees, The Manhattan Transfer, with the presentation made by special guest Ahmet Ertegun. MAC honored Peter Howard with its Board of Directors Award. The show also featured performances by Helen Baldassare, Lennie Watts, Jim Luzar, Lina Koutrakos, Mario Cantone and many others.

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Barbara Waxenberg & Friends

Barbara Waxenberg developed a new show, which debuted in May at Don't Tell Mama. She worked with director Helen Baldassare and music director Paul Greenwood, and Barbara was joined by four of her very talented friends, hence the show's name, Take Five.

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Cindy Karp: The Music of Burt Bacharach

Cindy Karp returned to Don't Tell Mama with her show Always Something There...The Music of Burt Bacharach. This show was directed masterfully by Gerry Geddes, and was a favorite when it debuted a few years ago. This time out, in addition to Gerry Dieffenbach on piano and guest vocalist Anthony Gaglione, Cindy shared the stage with bassist Eivind Opsvik.

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Helen Baldassare: Project ALS Benefit

On February 21st, Helen Baldassare presented a cabaret performance to benefit Project A.L.S. She was joined by long-time pianist and friend Bobby Peaco. The show featured some of the duo's all-time favorites, and was a big success at raising money for a great cause.

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Tony De Nicola at Don't Tell Mama, Jan/Feb 2004

Tony De Nicola marked his cabaret solo debut with a new show, Boy Meets Girl. at Don't Tell Mama in January and February.

A veteran of the Helen Baldassare Cabaret Performance Workshop, Tony worked with director Frank Fontana, and shared the stage with music director Wells Hanley, bassist Saadi Zain and saxophonist Richie Novie.

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An Evening in December

Gregory Toroian and Renée Frenzel presented two evenings of song in their new show entitled An Evening in December. The show was designed as a celebration of home, family and the joy of the holidays. They achieved their goal, aided in part by a song and dance Renée shared on stage with her father.

This was the Gregory's & Renée's second show together, but it had been about two years since their last performance. We're hoping their next effort won't be so long-delayed.

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Mitalee Das: Faces of Love

MLP new-comer Mitalee Das presented two performances of her show Faces of Love at Danny's Skylight Room Cabaret in the fall.

Mitalee shared the stage with veteran music director Gregory Toroian.

Click here to see her promotional flyer.

Joan Levine

Joan Levine returned to Don't Tell Mama in October with a new show called Moments. Conceived by Joan herself, the show told musical stories about some of life's important moments, and was enjoyed by large, enthusiastic audiences. Joan performed with music director Paul Katz on piano.

Joan and Paul previously presented Sail Away!, Let's Make Believe: Jeanette MacDonald Lives and The Naughty Girl, each well received by the Don't Tell Mama crowds.

Linn Maxwell

Linn Maxwell returned to Danny's Skylight Room Cabaret in October with encore performances of her show The Cost of Loving Index.

Linn worked with cabaret veteran Erv Raible as director and was joined by music director Tedd Firth on piano.

You can see Linn's flyer here .

Jerry Wichinsky

Jerry Wichinsky's new show Blue Velvet Fog was a great success. Jerry shared the stage with music director Lucy Galliher and drummer Bernice Brooks. Veteran cabaret director Erv Raible directed the show.

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Beth Valenti

Beth Valenti performed with music director Dick Gallagher at Don't Tell Mama in October.  Beth worked once again and director Jay Rogers to update the show, which debuted last fall. And she added bass player Frank Wagner to her personnel to bring a new dimension to the music.

Click here to see Beth's flyer, and to read more about her.

Special note:  Beth has informed us she'll be relocating to Florida early in 2004.  We're sorry to see her go, we wish her well and hope she pays an occasional visit to New York City in the future.

Nicci Nicholas

Nicci Nicholas had a successful return engagement at Don't Tell Mama. Nicci worked once again with music director Ross Patterson and director Michael Ferreri, and she received this fine review (click here) from Stu Hamstra.

Nicci's shows are always worth a look and a listen, and we always have our ears open for news about her return to the stage. We'll keep you posted.

Click here for more information.

Sharon Christopher

Sharon Christopher's first solo engagement was quite a success! She presented the show twice at Rose's Turn (November 17 and December 8, 2002), sharing the stage with music director Gregory Toroian. The show was directed by Helen Baldassare, and we were happy to be in attendance to see Sharon take command of the stage.

We're looking forward to Sharon's future offerings, and full details will be provided here as soon as they're available. Until then, have a look here at the flyer for Sharon's Rose's Turn engagement.

Kim Corbin

The lovely and talented Kim Corbin presented her new show Love, Kim, to an appreciative crowd at Don't Tell Mama. Kim was joined on stage by music director Gregory Toroian in this musical exploration of the myriad aspects of love. Helen Baldassare directed.

Look for Kim's debut CD, based on the Don't Tell Mama show, to be released in 2004. And another new cabaret show is in the offing. Details will be posted here as soon as they're available.

You can see Kim's most recent promotional flyer by clicking here.

Karen Oberlin

Karen Oberlin completed an encore run of her show Secret Love, A Tribute to the True Doris Day at Danny's Skylight Room Cabaret. Originally presented at The Firebird, the show featured Tedd Firth (music director) on piano and David Finck on bass, and was directed by Scott Barnes.

Karen's most recent production, along with her husband David Hajdu, is young Nathan Hajdu, born in May, 2003.

We don't yet have word on Karen's next cabaret performance dates, but we'll pass them along as soon as they're available.

Until then, click here to see Karen's flyer and find out how to buy her wonderful new CD, Secret Love: The Music of Doris Day.

Joanne Wosahla

As a student in the Helen Baldassare Cabaret Performance Workshop, Joanne Wosahla had already appeared on a New York cabaret stage. In September of 2002, she presented her solo debut at Don't Tell Mama, accompanied by her music director Wells Hanley on piano. Congratulations, Joanne -- we look forward to many more shows in the years to come.

Click here to see Joanne's promotional flyer.

Silvia Madison

In May of 2002, we welcomed Silvia Madison to MLP. A show biz veteran with many years as a member of the jazz vocal group "Zazz," Silvia stepped out on her own with a new show at Danny's Skylight Room Cabaret and, quite literally, packed the elegant room. And what happens when you pack 'em in? Well, you get extended, of course! So she returned to Danny's for two dates in July.

Silvia was joined by music director Gregory Toroian and the show was directed by Helen Baldassare. Click here to see the promotional flyer for Silvia's engagement.

Leigh Finner

We had the privilege of seeing Broadway veteran Leigh Finner perform in her solo cabaret debut at Don't Tell Mama. Leigh, who was on Broadway in the 80s, joked that it took her "16 years to go 3 blocks!" It was worth the wait.

Click here to see Leigh's promotional flyer.

Andrea Fiume

Andrea Fiume was last seen at Upstairs at Rose's Turn with her show Come Together, a collection of songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. Andrea worked for the first time with director Lina Koutrakos, and shared the stage with music director Gregory Toroian on piano.

The show was very well received, and Andrea presented encore performances in February 2002.

Judy Scott

Judy Scott returned to Danny's Skylight Room with an encore of her show Say It With Music which she conceived and wrote with Sandi Merle.

The late-2001 date was the second time Danny's has asked Judy to bring the show back for an encore performance. It sounds like it was a hit, and we're sorry we missed it. We'll let you know when your next chance to see Judy comes up!

Renee Frenzel

We were lucky to be in attendance as Renée Frenzel presented her debut show, Dare To Dream, at Don't Tell Mama. She returned a month later for an encore performance, which was also well attended.

Renée returns to Don't Tell Mama in December 2003 in a new show with Gregory Toroian called An Evening in December.

Click here for complete information.


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